Greifswald Zoo

In the Greifswald zoo you can discover new things during all seasons of the year. Our park invites visitors, with its inhabitants and the natural history house with café. Zoo school, tours, children’s birthdays and family parties can be organized, if asked for. Opening hours: November - March: 09:00 am - 16:00 pm April and October: 09:00 am - 17:00 pm May - September 09:00 am – 18:00 pm

An experience for all senses

Out indigenous zoological garden in Greifswald is really worth a visit, no matter what the season. Lovely and naturalistically decorated animal facilities allow a new and interesting insight in the fascinating world of different species. Whether you are watching meerkats, cotton-top tamarin, coatis, raccoons, porcupines, dingoes or coypu there is always something to see.

Particularly interesting are the encounters in the walk-in enclosures for white storks, pygmy-goats and kangaroos, or you can watch capybara during the public feeding. Discover the island of the capuchin monkeys and the wide variety of bird species. A special event is the apiary and the plug house; there you can watch the chicks hatching. You can have a rest when looking at the scenic parkway with the swan lake. On your tour, we invite you to different game elements for the developments of all senses, like the vortices and birdcall imitator, and our water and adventure playground. Throughout the entire park you will find benches and places to protect yourself from bad weather.

Don’t forget to visit the zoo school and the nature house. Enjoy a small snack in comfortable atmosphere at our café. We are offering you: zoo school, project days and excursions, children´s birthday party, or you can also have a barbeque and celebrate your birthday in our café. These offers will be available upon request.


Details at a glance

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