"Gesundhaus Klatschmohn"

Holiday for health and recreation. Sleep heavenly in cozy apartments and enjoy the healthy vegetarian and vegan cuisine of the house.

In the “Gesundhaus Klatschmohn” you will experience a holiday full of peace and relaxation. The cozy apartments, the friendly atmosphere in the house and the sunlit rooms let you experience every day with joy. The garden offers pretty niches, close to nature and idyllic. The nearby forest and sea offer many possibilities for adeventures and also the small village Rieth has many small opportunities for daily activities. Healthy eating and drinking is part of a holiday in “Gesundhaus Klatschmohn”. Enjoyment with all your senses starts in the morning with the wonderful breakfast, at the table that is lovingly set for you. In the evening you will be spoiled with a delicious menu from the vegetarian kitchen.


Details at a glance

Gesundhaus Klatschmohn

Ahlbecker Weg 6
17375 Rieth

Telephone: +49 39775 20737