Accessible fishing spot on the Recknitz River

On the banks of the Recknitz River between Marlow and Semlow, anglers with handicaps can now also catch accessible fish. Anglers with a walker or in a wheelchair can reach the water's edge on a paved path.

In the idyllic river basin of the Recknitz, just behind Marlow on the L 18, the road to Semlow, you will find the handicapped accessible fishing spot. It can be reached via a paved access road from the road and leads into a small parking lot, sufficient for a good two cars. From there, people with disabilities can get directly to the water in an accessible way. In the course of the construction work, the bank was secured and a platform made of natural water stones was erected. This is surrounded by a railing that protects against rolling away or slipping and is slightly lowered in the middle so that anglers can easily cast their rods even when sitting down. A fish chute leads from the water up to this elevated platform so that our handicapped fishing enthusiasts can land their catch without hindrance.

This beautiful fishing spot may be used by all people. However, those with physical disabilities have priority, and space must be made for them immediately. In the adjacent water hiking rest area, the guests of this new fishing area can also be looked after at the same time, receive help, advice and practical tips as well as fishing permits.


Details at a glance

Barrierefreier Angelplatz Recknitz

18337 Marlow