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Leisure activities in Vorpommern

Here in Vorpommern are many attractive leisure activities for the whole family outside and inside!

Just spend a day at the zoo and take a look all over the world with native and exotic animals. But also miniature golf courses, climbing forests, playgrounds or botanical gardens invite you and your family to enjoy varied day trips. It does not always have to be outside. If the weather really does not play along, we recommend a visit to an indoor playground and to “Käpt‘n Karls Tobeland” - for the little ones a very special highlight! Or you spend an afternoon or evening in the cinema and let yourself be captivated by the current movie highlights.

Numerous leisure activities guarantee you fun and satisfaction during your holiday in Vorpommern. In addition to the fun attractions mentioned above, educational programs are also available: for example, you can experience the world of the oceans in the adventure museums OZEANEUM Stralsund and Müritzeum. Or learn everything about flying at the Otto-Lilienthal Museum in Anklam. Historic lifestyles and crafts can be discovered in Ukranenland and Castrum Turglowe in Torgelow. Family-friendly, interesting and eventful - the perfect complement to a beach holiday awaits you and your family in Vorpommern's amusement parks and museums.

Fun for all ages

From a zoo over to an indoor playground