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Adventures on rainy days

Although Vorpommern is the region with the most hours of sunshine in Germany, there are also days when the Baltic Sea shows its stormy and rough side. We have put together a lot of tips for trips and activities on rainy days for you on this page, so your Holiday will be exciteful and varied.

Adventure pools such as the Freizeitbad Greifswald or the Hanse Dom in Stralsund invite you to enjoy water fun under a roof. If you want to know more about the history of the region, you should use the rainy weather to visit one of the many local history museums. Even the larger museums such as the Pomeranian State Museum, the Historical-Technical Museum in Peenemünde or the Otto Lilienthal Museum in Anklam make you forget the frustration of the weather through the exciting and extensive exhibitions. Hands-on activities for children, such as candle-pulling or soap-casting, are held regularly at the Friedrichsche Seifenwerkstatt of the Caspar David Friedrich Center in Greifswald. Theater and ballet performances for young and old are offered by the Theater Vorpommern and the Vorpommersche Landesbühne in Anklam. Concerts in special locations, such as the Klanghaus am See in Pulow or the many small village churches in the region, ensure evening entertainment of a special kind. Let yourself be inspired!



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