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Brick Gothic in Grimmen

Near the Hanseatic cities of Stralsund and Greifswald surprised Grimmen with its historic old town and an animal park in the middle of the city park.

Particularly worth seeing is the historical old town with the grid-like street network in an oval city layout, architecturally settling of early Gothic to Tudor style. Keeping track of this diversity can be enjoyed from the historic Water Tower on Castle Hill – a popular lookout point for locals and visitors. From here you can also see the ancient city gates in the style of Brick Gothic, the Gate of Stralsund, the Mill Gate and the Gate of Greifswald.

Green oases invite you to stay and observe and marvel at the many animals in the animal park. In addition to the petting zoo with goats, sheep and rabbits, to looking at monkeys and ponies, the Animal Park busy with the care of endangered breeds of domestic animals, particularly with the successful keeping and breeding of alpacas.

Over hill and dale they will go through the mighty redbrick town gates in the old town. You can almost say: "Many roads lead to Grimmen"!


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Greifswald gate in Grimmen

The Greifswald gate in Grimmen was built around 1350 and is one of 3 gates, which still exist in Grimmen.
The Greifswald gate built between 1350 and 1400 and was part of the medieval fortifications of the city. It was badly damaged around 1800 when a lightning strike happened. The late Gothic brick building was rebuilt smaller and barer due to scarce...

City Information in the Water Tower

The water tower was built in 1933, closed down in the mid-sixties and got refurbished in 2002. It is 33 m high and a glassed observation deck offers a brilliant view.
Grimmen's city information has a place of business here. Furthermore changing art exhibitions are shown. A wedding room is arranged. The city information's offers: night stop services, information material of the region around Grimmen, souvenir...

Stralsund Gate Grimmen

An der Stadtmauer , 18507 Grimmen
The Stralsund Gate in Grimmen was built around 1320 and is part of the former fortification of the city.

Museum of Local History 'Im Mühlentor'

Mühlenstraße 9a, 18507 Grimmen
Grimmen's Museum of Local History is located in the miller's gate of the city.

Church St. Marien Grimmen

Kirchstraße , 18507 Grimmen
The church of St. Marien in Grimmen dates back to the 13th century.

Town Hall Grimmen

Mentioned for the first time in 1267 - and once the place where the stream ‘Trebel’ offered a convenient crossing point among moorlands - Grimmen, surrounded by an appealing landscape, is nowadays the city that, thanks to its central positioning, spreads life impulses throughout the region.
The town hall in the Western Pomeranian Grimmen is a testimony to the medieval red brick Gothic. Dendrochronological examinations of the wooden roof truss determined the date of felling the oldest rafters in 1393. As a consequence the construction is...