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The river Peene and the Peene Valley

The Peene is often referred to as the "Amazon of the North" because of its unspoiled and beautiful nature - In Peenetal the river passes through vast green meadows and offers a unique natural spectacle.

The Peene springs near Gnoien in the district of Rostock and empties into the river Peene. Along lie smaller and larger cities such as Gützkow, Loitz or Jarman and the Peene meanders through the idyllic nature of Western Pomerania. The name comes from the Slavic word collection and Peene originally means "foamy river". Because of its large aspect ratios, the low gradient and the associated low flow rate, the Peene is particularly well suited for a casual paddle. Explore the great nature and landscape protection area of the Peene valley from the water side. Many modern “Wasserwanderrastplätze” (rest areas for water sports) in places like Stolpe and Loitz make the river very popular for water sports.

On land you can explore the cultural sights, such as the monastery ruins in Stolpe, the Wartislawstein or the historic Viking graves in Menzlin. The area surrounding the Peene valley is also the largest area of marshland in Europe. Along the river course impressive beaver lodges and a picturesque flora can be discovered. In addition, the Peene is home to many rare species of fish such as loach and river lamprey.


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