Viking Graves "Altes Lager" Menzlin

South of Menzlin the historical Viking Graves are located. At one time a Slavic settlement zone and a Viking trading site were situated here. The Vikings, rather known as a warlike folk, were also able dealers and sailors, conducted trade at the whole Baltic coast and had outstanding boat builders and skillful craftsmen. This was revealed by archaeological research at the erstwhile maritime trading site Menzlin near Anklam.

The here discovered graves of Scandinavian origin in symbolic ship and circular shape are unique at the southern Baltic coast until now. Comprehensive anthropological research has shown that these are Scandinavian female graves with diverse burial objects like Slavic pottery and Scandinavian garbs jewelry. Form and burial objects let suggest that the Vikings and Slavs lived together peacefully and got buried in Slavic settlement zones.



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Wikingergräber "Altes Lager" Menzlin

Unteres Peenetal und Peenehaff 1
17390 Menzlin