Vorpommern Regional Theatre Anklam

1949 the main drape of the theatre Anklam was raised for 'Iphigenia in Tauris', which started off the very first season of the small theatre in the 'Schützenhaus'. Back then hardly anybody had expected that this small regional theatre would turn into one of the most versatile cultural providers of our region.

Out of the Theatre Anklam arose the Western Pomeranian Regional Theatre in 1993, which today fascinates Usedom's population and tourists and the adjacent land with theatre of all shades in three different buildings and on outdoor stages.

Set locations: Theatre Anklam, 'Blechbüchse Zinnowitz', 'Barther Boddenbühne'.
Summer program: Theatre Tent 'Chapeau Rouge' in Heringsdorf directly at the beach promenade, Vineta Festival on the Baltic Sea Stage Zinnowitz, Theatre on Usedom's Harbour Stage, Barther Theatre Garden, 'Die Peene brennt' at the Peene riverside in Anklam at the beginning of September as well as the Theatre Academy Western Pomerania - a training centre for actors in Zinnowitz.
Head office of the stage is the Theatre Anklam.

Since 1997 the audience annually watches the stories of the sunken city Vineta on the Baltic Sea Stage. Actors of the Western Pomeranian Regional Stage Anklam, Eleven of the Theatre Academy Western Pomerania and laymen of the region belong to the participants. Regardless of whether sophisticated entertainment with stagings of the great dramatists, summery comedies, thrilling music revues, magical children plays or fantastic open air spectacle, everyone finds plays according to one's own taste.


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Vorpommersche Landesbühne Anklam

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17389 Anklam

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