Bird Park Marlow

The 22 hectare park landscape shows animals from all continents in spacious, natural and walkable facilities for the visitor! Daily animal and flight shows take visitors on a short trip around the world. Several play worlds make the hearts of young and old adventurers beat faster.

At Vogelpark Marlow, visitors can admire not only various birds from all over the world, such as the blue-necked ostrich from Africa or the cheeky kea from New Zealand, but also kangaroos from Australia and the sun-worshipping calico and red varis from Madagascar, antelopes from Africa, monkeys from South America and prairie dogs from North America. The motto of the Marlow Bird Park, "Animals. Very close. Experience", is reflected in the design of the enclosures. Almost all of the enclosures are accessible to visitors, offering them unique opportunities to experience the beauty and diversity of the animal kingdom up close: Eye-to-eye with South American alpacas, holding colorful parrots, or watching Humboldt penguins during underwater activities. Visitors also have the opportunity to feed some of our animals in the park themselves. Whether it's the cheeky and colorful mountain lorises, the curious goats and sheep from the petting zoo near the farm, the cozy eider ducks in the Bodden Landscape Aviary, or the tame wavy and cockatiels, human-animal interaction is guaranteed at the Bird Park!

These close-up experiences are intensified in the two flight shows. In the animal show "Parrot, Pelican & Co.", visitors learn interesting facts about marabou, pelican and co. in a very vivid way and can watch them in free flight. For example, the macaws show how beautiful parrots look in formation flight. Representatives of almost all continents show their skills on stage and take the visitors on a little trip around the world. In the flight show, visitors experience majestic birds of prey and owls in falconer style.

If a stay during the day is not enough for you, you can also spend the night in the bird park Marlow! The four imaginative tree pile houses as well as the Kea cave invite you to unforgettable overnight stays directly in the bird park Marlow. The animal atmosphere and the original style of construction make each of the tree houses unmistakably unique and give guests the opportunity to experience the park completely undisturbed.



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Vogelpark Marlow

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