University of Greifswald

The University of Greifswald is one of the oldest universities in Europe. Especially the baroque main building with the old faculties in the middle of the old town is a popular destination for tourists.

The Ernst Moritz Arndt University Greifswald, founded in 1456, is the second oldest in Northern Europe. It was founded on the initiative of the then mayor - and soon thereafter the first rector - Heinrich Rubenow. Due to its long tradition, the University of Greifswald has a lot of collections with several million objects.
More than 12,000 students enliven the city with around 60,000 inhabitants and provide a varied and witty atmosphere. The Baroque main building of the University on Rubenowplatz and the various institutes with their historical lecture halls are located in the middle of the old town. The new campus on Berthold-Beitz-Platz with the scientific and medical institutes, the large central library and the new refectory also offer excellent study conditions.
If you want to immerse yourself in the exciting history of the old university, you have the opportunity to take part in various guided tours and visit, among other things, the auditorium, the conciliar hall and the Karzer.


Details at a glance

Universität Greifswald

Domstraße 11
17487 Greifswald

Telephone: +49 3834 860