UKRA - the Pommernkogge

UCRA - the Pommernkogge was transported on the country road from 'Torgelow' to 'Ueckermünde' after several years of building on August 31, 2014 and dropped anchor in the harbour of 'Ueckermünde'. The 'Kogge' basically serves the impartation of history and youth work and thus is supposed to impart as the 'swimming museum'.

On October 17, 2015 the time had come - the 'Pommernkogge' was named 'Ucra'. Hundred people came to become part of this event. The owner is the city 'Torgelow', which worked on this major project in cooperation with many partners and the funding body for twelve years. In 2016 it is supposed to go offshore. Especially children's and youth groups are supposed to learn about the Hanseatic era on this 'swimming museum' - and many a vacationer will find a spot on the 'Kogge'.


Details at a glance

UCRA-die Pommernkogge

Altes Bollwerk 09
17373 Ueckermünde

Telephone: 039771 28487