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Located at the Baltic Sea coast bike path and the 'Jakobsweg' as well as at the E9. Pleasure craft and yacht harbour in the city center. Accommodation service for Wolgast, Island of Usedom and Western Pomerania, true to scale bike and hike maps, ticket pre-sale for Wolgast, Island of Usedom and in all of Germany, UBB agency with sale of day tours and adventure trips.

Nowadays the ducal town Wolgast, former residence of the dukes of Pommern-Wolgast, houses the royal burial ground of the last Pomeranian dukes in the 'St. Petri' Church. Beside the Pomerianian dukes the merchant family Homeyer and the naval architect Haack as well as the painter and romanticist Philipp Otto Runge shaped the city's history.

While the original paintings of Philipp Otto Runge are exhibited in Hamburg's art gallery the birth house in Wolgast shows Runge's life. Apart from painting he made a deciding contribution to the three-dimensional theory of colours, created play cards and wrote down fairy tales. The best known 'Vom Fischer und seiner Frau' was actually included in the collection of the Grimm Brothers.

In summer classical concerts in the context of the 'Wolgaster Sommermusiken' trepan into the 'St. Petri' Church. The whole year approx. 52 animal species can be experienced and show feedings can be visited. The ducal town with a historical city center and a maritime flair provides harbour tours, ship tours on the 'Achterwasser' or the 'Peene-Strom' from May to October and fish restaurants invite you with live music and a view on the water throughout the year.


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Touristinformation Wolgast

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