Tourist Centre of the Hanseatic City of Stralsund

Welcome to the Hanseatic and world heritage city of Stralsund! Here, every brick and every canal make the exciting history of the beautiful 'hanseat' some alive, whose traces lead back to 1234.

In the middle of the old market and directly at the townhall the tourist centre of the Hanseatic city of Stralsund presents itself as the most important starting point of the old town. From A like audio guide to Z like accommodation service - the tourist centre is your friend and helper for your expedition to and in Stralsund. The offers range from luggage boxes to geocaching, souvenirs to city tours, information to improvisation and beyond.

Special highlight are the city tours. From Mai to October two times daily and sometimes also at night you can go on a time travel with an original of Stralsund - into the heart of the Hansa or to murderers, thiefs and whores...


Details at a glance

Tourismuszentrale der Hansestadt Stralsund

Alter Markt 9
18439 Stralsund

Telephone: +49 3831 252340
Fax: +49 3831 246922