Surfspot Lubmin

Baltic Sea flair at the Bodden. The fine sandy beach, the large standing area and small but fine waves in southwest to northeast wind make Lubmin a real alternative for wave beginners.

Lubmin is a small, tranquil seaside resort and lies at the transition from Greifswalder Bodden to the Baltic Sea. From mass tourism Lubmin remains largely spared. Especially surfers, who do not necessarily want to spend their holidays in a campsite, but rather in a fixed accommodation, should remember this spot. Family friendliness is also important here. Surfing and kitesurfing is recommended at the marina east of the bathing beach. On good wind days there is even a kite school on site. In northern winds, the spot also offers the opportunity to gain initial experience in the waves. Despite the Bodden waters you get offered a great wide sandy beach with Baltic Sea flair, and you have more than enough space on the water. The spot is suitable for wind directions from SW to NE.


  • Toilets, showers, trash cans (campsite)
  • Offer of the Surfschool – Kiteschool, mobile school
  • Parking spots < 250 m distance, chargeable

Detailed information about the Spot Lubmin can be found on the linked website of There you will also find 3D panorama photos of the spot, can make contact with the locals or arrange to surf together with friends.


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Surfspot Lubmin

17509 Lubmin