Störtebeker Braumanufaktur (Brewery)

Störtebeker speciality beers in a quaint brewery -

Entertainment and enjoyment in an historic atmosphere. With its over 800 yearlong brewing tradition in Stralsund the Störtebecker brewery has committed itself to craft brewing.

We offer daily brewery tours where you can witness the brewing process of the distinguished specialty beer at first hand. The highlight of every tour is a beer tasting during which you can discover the beers for yourself.

In the restaurant architectural art meets culinary art: we serve seasonal and local delicacies. Demanding and adventurous beer enthusiasts will find a wide range of beers to try. One of our highlights is the Beer menu, where we will serve a different beer with every course to accompany the characteristics of each meal. You can purchase all of our beers as well as souvenirs in our very own brewery shop.

Apart from these periodic events the Störtebecker Brauquartier also hosts all kinds of different events; such as readings, lectures, concerts, parties and comedy evenings.

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Details at a glance

Störtebeker Brauquartier - Mehr als eine Brauerei. Ein Erlebnis.

Greifswalder Chaussee 84 - 85
18439 Stralsund

Telephone: +49 3831 2550
oder +49 3831 255513
Fax: +49 3831 255513