Steamboat Museum "Einendeisenbahn-Dampffähre"

The steamboat „Stralsund“ – which was built in 1890 – with its three passenger wagons, offers space for about 300 guests and was initially built for the route from Stralsund to Altefähr. Today the museum ship rests on its last operation site – the haven in Wolgast – and can be visited.

The steamboat „Stralsund“ – built in 1890- is the only one of its kind in Germany. Initially built for the ferry service between Stralsund and Altefähr, it was reassigned to the route along Swindemünde because of the increasing capacity demand. After WW2 the ferry was used between the island of Usedom and the Wolgast haven, because from 1945 to 2000 no other rail connection existed between the Usedom and the mainland. It was last used in the 90th to exchange the old railcars on the island.

Guests can visit - among other things - the engine room and the ship’s bridge.


Details at a glance

Museum Dampffährschiff

Museumshafen / Hafenstraße
17438 Wolgast