Beach Eldena - Greifswald

The municipal lido Eldena is with about 6 hectares of sunbathing area and a wide beach area especially suitable for families.

The official bathing season begins on 15 May and ends on 15 September. The entrance is free. The area is also freely accessible.
Bathing and use of the beach area is at your own risk.

There is a kiosk, the operator also rents beach chairs. On a designated barbecue area, meat and sausages may be prepared on grills you bring with you. The waste has to be disposed of independently. The area is cleaned regularly, the toilets are open daily from 8 to 20 o'clock.


Details at a glance

Städtisches Strandbad Eldena

17493 Greifswald-Wieck

Telephone: +49 3834 830811