Municipal Church of St. Nikolai Gützkow

The municipal church of St. Nikolai is located in Gützkow in Western Pomerania. It has neo-Gothic features.

The fieldstone church in Gützkow was first mentioned in documents in 1241. However, the present church square was already a religious site. There was a pagan temple, which in 1128 had to give way to a church consecrated by Bishop Otto von Bamberg. The parish church was badly damaged during a fire in the 18th century and rebuilt and restored in the following decades.
The church has a Gothic Revival decoration. In the choir are stained glass windows, which show among others Martin Luther, Otto von Bamberg, the blessing Christ, Nikolaus of Myra and the apostles Peter and Paulus.


Details at a glance

Stadtkirche St. Nicolai Gützkow

Kirchstraße 11
17506 Gützkow

Telephone: +49 38353 251
Fax: +49 38353 251