Caslte Penkun

First cited at the end of the 12th century, castle Penkun is nowadays one of the last preserved castles once owned by the dukes of Pomerania. Inside the former administration building the castle association opened a border and customs museum, inside the castle cellars there is a small exhibition that deals with Pomerania’s judiciary.

The castle Penkun was first mentioned in 1190 as a fortress and further developed as border fortress in the 13th century by the dukes of Pomerania. Under consideration of these preceding buildings the castle was built from 1484 to 1486. Due to a rebuild between 1580 and 1590 the castle now presents itself in the style of the Renaissance.

After the expropriation of the noble family Osten after WW2 the castle was used as a boarding school and an agricultural training facility. Due to lack of money the castle was derelict in the late 80th.

Thanks to committed citizens, community of Penkun and the German association “Denkmalschutz” the castle was saved from deterioration and restored.


Details at a glance

Schloss Penkun / Museum

Schlosshof 1
17328 Penkun

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