Castle Hotel Neetzow

Being Prince and Princess for once - in the romantic Castle Hotel Neetzow.

The small place Neetzow is hard to find on a map. It is located in the northeast of Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania between Anklam and Jarmen. From the main street you can’t see the castle which is hidden behind high trees. Withal the building is anything but unobtrusive with its uncommon yellow bricks.
When entering the entrance hall you feel the glory of past times. The following rotunda impresses with figures and ornaments from the Renaissance. The artful parquet-mosaic floor in all rooms also strikes the eye immediately. Especially fascinating is the view from the gallery in the circular room.
The Castle Neetzow is surrounded by an untouched landscape, which is particularly coined by extraneous groves, i.e. the Caucasian walnut, oriental spruce and wintergreen oak.
An about 1.2 ha big lake (no bathing lake) is located in the park, which abuts on a lawn.
In the summer the big terrace stands open.
The 29 modest double rooms with individual furnishing offer all the comforts of today. Warm, light colors and stylish furniture round off the overall picture and give the house its unique flair.
The reasonably sized restaurant allows you to dine in a romantic atmosphere.
The intimate ambience is intensified by the beautiful wooden ceiling and the respective chattels.
Say ‘YES’ in our romantic wedding room and subsequently celebrate with your guests in a unique ambience, far away from the everyday life.
We want your day to pass off relaxing and without a rush and we are at your command concerning the organization of your feast.


Details at a glance

Hotel Schloss Neetzow

Am Schlosspark 4
17391 Neetzow

Telephone: +49 (0)39721 5660
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Castle Hotel Neetzow