Schawi Sport & Youth Hotel

The Schawi Sport & Youth hotel is run in the style of a youth hostel and has 100 beds. It is located on a spacious area in a quiet beach location with private beach access.

Get out of the city and into nature! Summer, sun, beach, rustic pine forests and more ... this is Lubmin - the seaside resort between the islands of Rügen and Usedom. The Schawi Sport & Youth Hotel is located directly at the 5km long sandy beach on a large area, the perfect place for swimming fun, sports activities or hikes through the Lubminer Heide. The Hanseatic city of Greifswald with its sights, the maritime fishing village Wieck or the new Marina Lubmin can be reached in a short time.
Domestic equipment
The Schawi Sport & Youth hotel is run in the style of a youth hostel and has 120 beds. The house has 2-, 3-, 4-, 6- and 9-person bed rooms distributed on three floors. The sanitary facilities (washrooms and toilets) are located on the floors, the shared showers are in the lower part of the house. Separate sanitary facilities are available for the caregivers, each supervisor room has a small bathroom with shower, toilet and sink.
The club room is equipped with a big-screen TV, a DVD player and a Wii station, and the playground veranda with football table and the billiard room are also often used.
On the grounds in front of the hotel there is a beach volleyball court, a small football field and outdoor tennis courts.
The hotel also includes the about 600m distant Schawi bungalow village, consisting of ten bungalows, each furnished with six beds. Each bungalow has a small outdoor terrace. On this site there is also a volleyball court and table tennis, a lounge with TV and Wii station.


Details at a glance

Schawi Sport & Jugendhotel Lubmin

Philosophenweg 10
17509 Lubmin