Ruin of the Former Monastery Church Stolpe

Stolpe was first mentioned in 1136. In 1153 the monastery of Stolpe was founded by the Duke of Pomerania. The monastery is considered the first in Pomerania and belonged to the Benedictine order.

In 1305, the monastery passed to the Cistercian Order. It was abolished in 1535 and destroyed in 1637 during the Thirty Years' War. The 300-year-old Fährkrug, only a stone's throw from the former monastery, was built partly from demolition stones that came from the ruins of the monastery. One can still see these particularly large bricks, which thus date back to the Middle Ages, in the façade of the Fährkrug below the street and between the second, third and fourth windows from the left. They first came to light during the restoration of the building in early 1998.

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Ruine der ehem. Klosterkirche Stolpe

Peenestraße 1
17391 Stolpe/ a. Peene