Bike and passenger ferry in Stolpe an der Peene

In Stolpe on the Peene River, the only connection between the Hanseatic city of Anklam and Jarmen is a small bicycle and passenger ferry from Stolpe to the opposite side, to the Stolpmühl pier.

Cycling on the Peene directly is not possible, after all we are in the nature park Flußlandschaft Peenetal, in one of the largest contiguous lowland moor areas of Central and Western Europe, but up to Grüttow there is a cycle path from Anklam on the Peene and other sections are planned. During the summer months, the ferry takes its guests across the Peene in no time. On a bumpy old feeder road you reach Quilow. At the Stolpmühl pier, you call the ferryman with a bell.


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19391 Stolpe