Pomeranian State Museum

14,000 years of eventful history on the southern Baltic coast on both sides of the Oder River are presented between the former Franciscan church and the city wall - in an award-winning building ensemble that impressively combines Gothic, Classicist and contemporary architecture. The precious collection of paintings presents works by renowned painters such as Caspar David Friedrich, Frans Hals, Philipp Otto Runge, Max Liebermann, Max Pechstein and Vincent van Gogh.

Various exhibits paint a multifaceted picture of the development of Pomerania since the first hunters and gatherers. An impressive highlight is the unique 30 m2 Croy carpet, a testimony to the high culture at the court of the Griffins, the Pomeranian ruling dynasty. After the Thirty Years' War, Sweden ruled parts of Pomerania alongside Brandenburg for almost 200 years. Finally, during the Prussian rule, fishing villages became sophisticated spas. The 20th century with its wars, multiple system breaks and the enormous population exchange meant for the region perhaps the greatest caesura in its history. The exhibition shows the numerous facets of these breaks and continuities. In addition to meaningful objects, elaborate media stations and installations offer biographical access to individual thematic complexes.

A glass road connects the four buildings of the museum complex and leads directly to the Picture Gallery. Even during the construction work on the Gallery of Romanticism, Caspar David Friedrich, Vincent van Gogh & Co. will welcome you. Travel with Friedrich on a painting to the ruin of Eldena and the Krkonoše Mountains, gaze with Karl Schmidt-Rottluff into a Pomeranian barn painted in glowing colors or glide with the Norwegian Johan Christian Dahl in the moonlight on the Oder past Swinoujscie ... Surely your favorite painting is there and looking forward to a visit! If you've seen a lot, you need to take a break. The Franciscan monastery garden, the museum store and the museum gastronomy "Natürlich Büttners" - Restaurant & Manufaktur invite you to do so.


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Pommersches Landesmuseum

Rakower Str. 9
17489 Greifswald



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Caspar David Friedrich. Hometown
from 16.10.2024 to 05.01.2025
Pommersches Landesmuseum , Rakower Str. 9, 17489 Greifswald

Caspar David Friedrich. Hometown

Meadows near Greifswald