Peene shipping Captain Ingo Müller

Off to a steamboat trip with the former launch FGS “Hamburg” which was once entered by royal visitors, presidents and heads of state. From Demmin: Peene, Kummerower See, Aalbude, Stolpe, Gravelotte, Anklam, Jarmen und Malchin.

Welcome to the Peene shipping Müller. Both ships of the company, “Hamburg” and “Hansestadt Demmin”, are under way on the Peene and the Kummerower See the whole year. They are very variously usable, i.e. for trips, birthdays, family celebrations, club journeys, staff outings, class meetings and conventions just to mention a few. It is possible to book round trips and also trips with stays and entertainment.

Experience history with the ships “Hansestadt Demmin” from Malchin to Peenemünde and “Hamburg” the former state barge of Hamburg, ‘where once royal visitors, presidents and heads of state strode over the planks…’.



Details at a glance

Peeneschifffahrt Kapitän Ingo Müller

Clara-Zetkin-Str. 20
17109 Demmin

Telephone: +49 3998 282874
Fax: +49 3998 282876