Visitor centre of the Nature Park “Insel Usedom“

The island of Usedom is one of the areas with the most bird species in Germany. Overall, more than 280 species have been observed, 150 of them also brood here. 11 kinds of raptors regularly brood in the nature park, one of them is the sea-eagle. The visitor centre of the island of Usedom is located next to the information centre of the city of Usedom on the ground floor of the “Klaus-Bahlsen-Haus”. The visitor centre could only be built and furnished with the aid of the great commitment and the generous support of the correspondent foundation.

In the premises of the former city railway station building Usedom, visitors are provided with information on the natural environment of the island of Usedom using modern technology. The main theme of the exhibition, "Water", is a characteristic element of the island of Usedom. The themes include beach and dunes as habitats, life in reeds, the use of low moorland using the Thurbruch as an example, and coastal dynamics using the Streckelsberg as an example. Furthermore, the topic "Nature conservation on Usedom", represented by preparations such as sea eagles, otters or beavers, is explained.

The nature park exhibition Insel Usedom is complemented by a 23-minute slide show on the Nature Park "Insel Usedom", which can be seen in the hall of the Klaus-Bahlsen-Haus Usedom.


Details at a glance

Klaus-Bahlsen-Haus Usedom

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