Museum at the Steintor

The museum at the Steintor is one of Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania’s oldest museums. It is located in a 23-metre high clinker tower, the largest city gate in Pomerania, and includes gems like the town’s original executioner’s sword or the Anklam treasure –made in the Thirty Years’ War.

The museum is located in one of the most beautiful clinker gates in all of northern Germany. It is 32 meters high and the only part of the medieval fortress that is still preserved. It was built at around 1250 and added-on at around 1450. In 1986 it was reconstructed and hosts a museum since 1989. Some regional history and the Anklam treasure – the most important treasure finds of the Thirty Years’ War - among others thing are shown in the museum. It is the oldest museum of local history in Western Pomerania and was opened in 1927. To visit the archives and library pre-announcements are necessary.


Details at a glance

Museum im Steintor

Schulstraße 1
17389 Anklam

Telephone: +49 3971 245503
Fax: +49 3971 258471