Max Schmeling Gedenkstätte

Max Schmeling was born at the 28.09.1905 in Klein Luckow. The small memorial place commits itself to the legendary boxer. He was the only German boxer, who won the world boxing Championship in every class.Many cycle trails are passing the memorial place. Pre-announcements by phone are necessary, if you want to come and visit.

Klein Luckow lays embedded in a picturesque end- moraine landscape at the corner of the Uckermark and at the beginning of the region Stettiner Haff. A lot of cycle paths pass Klein Luckow and the memorial place. Max Schmeling died at nearly 100 years old. He had a very eventful live. He still is considered the most popular German athlete of the 20th century.

On the 23.09.2004 his native vilage awarded him the price as an honorary citizen, it was his 99 birthday.


Details at a glance

Max Schmeling Gedenkstätte

17337 Klein Luckow

Telephone: 0171 7580150
oder 039752 20716