Equestrian Sport Brauns

Our horse ranch is located in the seaside resort Lubmin, centrally situated between the two big islands Usedom and Rügen. For horse-riding enthusiast, horseback riding on the beach, riding lessons and pony riding are taking place throughout the year. Romantic evening trips and adventurous day trips with a carriage or a covered wagon are perfect to relax.

Our family-owned horse ranch is located at the edge of the beautiful sea resort Lubmin. We are offering horse rides for all age groups all year round on our well-trained. Both beginners and experienced people with interest in equestrian sports are welcome. The popular rides on the beach are for everyone and take place all year round. It is a wonderful adventure to ride a horse while enjoying the picturesque pine forest and the fresh air of the Baltic Sea. Even the small horse-lovers are able to spend their free time with our ponies. For children (from 4 years) we use specially trained ponies. Equestrian vaulting (gymnastics on the horse) is the ideal form of sport for beginners. Riding with saddle and the popular beach rides are always an amazing experience.

An additional offer is the animal-assisted therapy. It is an alternative medical treatment method to heal or at least abate the symptoms of psychiatric and neurological disorders. Holidays for your horse and yourself! Our comfortable riding facilities are the perfect holiday destination for relaxing days at the Baltic coast, together with your horse. Furthermore, we offer coach rides. According to desire and mood you can book tours with a total length up to 20 km and combine it with a detour to the Fischerdorf Freest or choose suitable stopovers to yourself. Explore the sea resort and the surrounding bodden scenery or undertake a romantic coach ride as a pair. Our covered wagons and our wedding coach are always available for you. Adventurous day tours and sea resort tours take place every week during the summer months.


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Pferdesport und Tiergestützte Therapie

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