House Wildtierland – Hostel Gehren

House Wildtierland – Hostel Gehren is conveniently located to the Wildlife Park

House “Wildtierland” is the perfect starting point for a walk or bike ride into the nature. The modern 3 star Hostel is located midst the unique landscape of the “Brohmer hills” and conveniently located to the Wildlife Park. No matter what you are planning to do, whether you are planning a school trip, project days, leisure or a seminar, house “Wildtierland” offers a wide array of possibilities. In the Wildlife Park, the nature experiencing project of the German Wildlife Foundation, visitors can see the animals in their natural habitats. On 1000 ha plenty of fascinating wild animals, like sea eagles, black tern or the fire-bellied toad, have found the best living conditions.


Details at a glance

Haus Wildtierland - Schullandheim Gehren

Gehren 3
17335 Strasburg

Telephone: +49 39772 20461
Fax: +49 39772 20003