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Experience of nature in Altwarp. Follow the paths through the inland dunes as far down as the 'Wacholdertal'. Let the still pristine nature cast a spell over you. Beaches invite to stay. You will be thrilled by the charme of the small fishermen's village.

- The inland dunes directly in Altwerp are postglacial sandhills. Grey hairgrass, Carthusian pink, heather flower and more grow on them. You have an unique view on the 'Neuwarper See' and the bird protection island 'Riether Werder' as well as the Polish city 'Neuwarp'.

- The nature beach in Altwarp/Siedlung has a special flair. You can easily reach it by foot. It is hidden in a bay. There nudists find space as well.

- In the 'Wacholdertal', which is embedded in pine tree woods, you find a really special experience of nature at every season.

- A family-friendly bathing beach with play devices for children as well as a dog beach are directly located in the fishermen's village Altwarp. From the beach you can make out the islands of 'Usedom' and 'Wollin' at a distance.


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