KulturKonsum - A home for the Loitzer Heimatverein and a meeting point for all generations

Art and culture in Loitz, a small town on the Peene. With the KulturKonsum not only a meeting place of the homeland association developed but also one for the inhabitants of the surrounding villages.

The KulturKonsum in Loitzer Peenestraße 8 is the home of the local Heimatverein. Since 2014, when they took over the property, a lot has happened. The gallery, with constantly changing exhibitions, has made a name for itself and the lectures and readings are a welcome change for the inhabitants of the place but also far beyond. You are welcome to visit the historic courtyards, which invite you to linger. Clubs and interest groups like to take advantage of the offer here to experience a tour, to chat comfortably with coffee and cake or to watch films that tell of the history of the property. Musicians from the region perform at "Music in the courtyard". But the KulturFloss also gave them professional artists who go on holiday on the Peene and perform in different locations along the river.
On the occasion of the 775th anniversary of the city of Loitz, a "PeenestraßenGalerie" was created on the initiative of the association, in which painters and photographers participate. By this old houses become an eye-catcher again. There are concerts in the courtyard, readings in the gallery and barbecues in summer. By the way, the "yes-word" can be given to this historical place as well. KulturKonsum is a branch office of the civil registry office of Peenetal / Loitz. Not only many Loitzer now use the versatile offer, but also many citizens from the surrounding villages and towns. This new meeting place is well received. During a guided tour you can learn a lot about the history of the house. Well, a visit is always worthwhile


Details at a glance

Der Kultur-Konsum Loitz

Peenestraße 8
17121 Loitz

Telephone: 0174 6932950