Castrum Turglowe

Castrum Turglowe - the medieval centre is a reconstruction of a medieval town in the Centre of Torgelow, according to historic finds from the 12th/13th century.

Medieval craftsmen such as potters and weavers can be watched at work and even tried out. When rowing on the »Agnes« or trying out archery with historical arrows you feel as you were back in the medieval days.

Castrum Turglowe is an attempt to represent a piece of local history of living illustration of high medieval lifestyles in front of the mirror of archaeological and historical sources. Meeting point and starting point for a joint hike in bygone days is the medieval castle ruin in the Centre of the city of Torgelow.

In the medieval castle ruin of Torgelow the paths of archaeology and historical research were crossing for the first time in a documentary mention from the year 1281, when on April 14 on the castle of Torgelow a certificate for the monastery of Buckow (probably at Kolberg) were signed by the Brandenburg ascanian Margrave Otto IV and Konrad. Many questions arise already at this point for large or small visitors of the castle ruin.

In the adjacent Villa, the Verein Ukranenland e.V. has created a multimedia exhibition about the life of Margrave Otto IV since May 2013. The visitors are travelling with digital technology into the 13th century.


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Castrum Turglowe

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