Visitor Information Centre of the Nature Park "Flusslandschaft Peenetal"

The visitor information centre of the nature park “Flusslandschaft Peenetal” is located along the south bank of the river Peene in the Centre of the picturesque village Stolpe. In the modern exhibition the visitor receives a lot of information about the different habitats and the animals and plants, who are living there.

The modern information centre, as well as the nature park administration can be found in a thatched house not far away from the village church. From Sea Eagle to Owl (moth), from wild Orchid to Helichrysum arenarium - here you'll find a lot of information about the fauna of this attractive nature park. Of course, moor and the large-scale restoration measures in the region play a special role. During a virtual boat trip, you can learn much about history, landscape and people of the region. So, you get an overview of the nature park and can plan your next trip on foot, by bycicle or even by solar-powered boat. The friendly staff of the nature park will help you, as well as flyers and brochures.


Details at a glance

Besucherinformationszentrum des Naturparks Flusslandschaft Peenetal

Peeneblick 1
17391 Stolpe

Telephone: +49 39721 569290
Fax: +49 39721 5692920