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Brisk sea in Vorpommern

Do not get a chill and still refresh. This is only possible in Vorpommern. The country at the Baltic Sea has the right water temperature for everyone ...

In the spring, rivers and bays heat up faster in the warming sun than the sea, but in summer the Baltic Sea is a welcome and refreshing cooling after hot sunbathes and long beach walks. Surfing, sailing and of course swimming can be fun, especially in July and August.

We like to share this insider knowledge with you and even more: In the Szczecin Lagoon and in the Greifswald Bay, the water temperatures are higher than in the open areas of the Baltic Sea. But there are differences too. The water of the Greifswald Bay is made up of fresh water from the mouth of the river Ryck, the weakly salty water of the Peenestrom and the saline water of the Baltic Sea and is called brackish water. Even the Szczecin Lagoon is only slightly saline with a salt content of 1 to 2.5 PSU. You can find the up-to-date values ​​for water temperatures from the Federal Office of Shipping and Hydrography here.


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