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Time for cultural vacation

Even today cities full of brick gothic buildings tell you a lot about the history of the monastery and the hanseatic time, which shaped Vorpommern back then.

The region is embossed by a historical and maritime flair. Visit traditional fisherman villages or walk along Vorpommerns harbors. Get to know the traditional architecture by a guided city tour in a hanseatic city of your choice. Take the time to go on a journey of discovery and explore the variety of Vorpommern!

Another  speciality of Vorpommern are the regional delicacies. There are offerings for all the gourmets among you. For example fresh fish or some sea buckthorn delicacies. Enjoy your meal and have fun by exploring!


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Discover Vopommern

Take a look at the many different possibilities for a holiday in Vorpommern!

Traditions & customs

Experience maritime fishing, explore the local agriculture ans enjoy the traditional delicacies.

The Romantic era in Vorpommern

Caspar David Friedrich and his artist friends worked in Vorpommern, a region that also served them as a source of inspiration. They made the Bay of Greifswald region the home of Romanticism.